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2/29/04 Galaxies NGC 3187, 3190 and 3193, the other Leo Trio!

These three are much smaller and fainter than the famous Leo trio but they still make a nice grouping. 3187 and 3190 are spirals while 3193 is a puffy elliptical galaxy. I really like the shape and color of 3187. This object has very low surface brightness. Unfortunately I burned out the core of brighter 3190 trying to bring the faint structure of 3187 into view. The bright star at the bottom is magnitude 8.63 HD89224 which at first glance looks like another elliptical galaxy, but it's just a star. It may have some faint nebulosity around it, I had signs of red and green fuzz surounding this star in my raw frames which came through in the final image.