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8/24/03 M08 The Lagoon Nebula

A Summertime beauty, large and bright this is an easy object. I took this image on the 19th but just got around to processing it today. I got a pretty nice shot of it in Alt Az with my ETX70 and SAC7 last year. It was fun to revisit it and I'm pleased with the detail I was able to capture in this image. Numerous dark "Barnard" style patches can be seen in the image.

For this image I used a new accessory, it's a Focal Reducer Adapter fabricated by Ted Agos. This device significantly reduces the length of the optical train and helps to eliminate field curvature problems that I've been experiencing when using the focal reducer. Based on the results of this first image with the new unit, I'd say it's working quite well! Those interested can find this device at