Posted 10/03/09 - Jupiter and Io

Date: 09/03/09, Optics: LX200 10" F10, Camera: NexImage, Mount: LX200 Classic

On this night Jupiter's moon Io and it's shadow were transiting across the face of the planet. When I started shooting it was already at around the half way point (d'oh!). I took images about every 3 minutes from about 10:45PM to 11:45PM local time. The images were taken as AVI videos with my NexImage. The AVI files were processed in Registax to produce individual images. The Jupiter in the center of this image was resampled to double the image size (effective focal length 5000mm). I selected this shot as the best of the 20 that I had, and reprocessed it from the AVI carefully to bring out the color and as much detail as I could manage. I thought it would be interesting to surround it with the other images I took that night. You can see that some are of higher quality than others as cells of good (and bad) seeing passed overhead during the data collection. I created a video of the 20 frames to show the movement of the moon, it's shadow and the planet rotation (below). I can see some "dust donuts" in the video indicating that the camera needs a careful cleaning!