Posted 2/07/10 - Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Date: 09/21/09, Optics: LX200 10" F10, Camera: NexImage, Mount: LX200 Classic

I had the opportunity to capture images of the Great Red Spot (GRS), which really helps to show off the rotation of the planet. The imaging session started with the first capture at 10:05PM and finished at 11:45PM. As can be seen in the animation, I should have started earlier to catch it from the moment it rotated into view. I took images every 5 minutes with a total of 20 being used to create the animation. I did additional processing on my favorite of the bunch, taken at 10:15PM.

This data was sitting forgotten on my hard drive until I stumbled upon it and did the processing about 4 months later! Seeing on this night was not as good as it was for the images of Io that I took on the 3rd. Even so, the results are much improved over what I have managed to produce in the past, so I'm pleased.